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Alexandra's Song

Length: 352 pages5 hours


Molly Sanders has been given the unique ability to see beyond the physical world into a place where a war rages between the forces of good and evil.

Molly Sanders has given up her dream for a new life away from her tyrannical father, Yuri Zakharov. Fueled by anger and a desire to hurt him as he has hurt her, Molly runs away from home and takes refuge in the small town of Divinity Falls, PA, where she lands a job at Angels Diner, reluctantly falls in love with Casper Knight and encounters a mysterious woman, Angel Lopez, who claims to be her guardian angel.

Angel challenges Molly to fulfill her destiny by following the Master's plan for her life. Molly's decision brings the wrath of the angels of darkness, an unwanted encounter with the man she despises, and an outcome she could have never imagined.

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