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Gunslingers Reborn - Cliff Sibuyi

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Part five


The lords were assembled on the chamber, they all standing as for Monster g was walking up and down while biting his finger and all the lords were waiting to hear Monster g giving them a permission to sit.

please everyone sit down, he said. the lords they all sit down. Monster also take a sit. my fellow lords, we have problem here? he said.

Luke garret sway his head and looked at Monster g with his arm fold across his chest. what is it? he asked.

Monster g clasp his hands tighter as he lean on the table with his elbow against the table. He was staring at Jane with serous eyes but Jane just flick a smile as she left leg on top of her right leg.

the queen of iron shade is dead, he said.

what! they shout at the same time, Luke garret and Dave flick as they lean forward with shock but Jane has no idea what the lords are talking about.

Jane stand up, "Monster and everyone here, who is this