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No Such Thing as Far Away

Length: 34 pages23 minutes


Michael loves living in Chinatown. He loves the shops, the alleys and the restaurants. But most of all, he loves the people of Chinatown: the grocers and cooks, the men who sit on the benches outside, the old women who play Mah Jong inside, and his best friend, Grandpa Doc, the old herbalist. One day Michael's mother tells him they are going to move. He is devastated. How can he leave? Chinatown has always been his home. The wise old herbalist promises to bring him back for visits and reminds him that "there is no such thing as far away, not when you carry a place with you." And as Michael adjusts to a new home, he learns that the sights and sounds of his beloved Chinatown are really not so far away after all.

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