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Broken Sun Sign Relationships ... An AstroCoach's Guide To Astrological Incompatibility

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In this book you will:
Find out why love at first sight does not necessarily lead to everlasting love and why the old adage, ‘Marry in haste, repent at leisure’, is often true.
Learn the hidden ‘gotchas’ for each Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury sign that become apparent as you get to know your lover better.
Find out what each Sun Sign looks for in a partner and needs in a relationship. If these needs are not met there is a high chance of the relationship failing.
Discover each Sun sign’s dating and relationship deal-breakers.
Discover who you are most incompatible with.
Learn the number of zodiac signs apart you and your partner are affects how long your relationship is likely to last and what the risk factors for breaking up might be. Discover how to minimise that risk.
Learn how each Sun sign handles break-ups.
Discover how each Moon sign handles break-ups.
Find out how each Venus sign handles break-ups.
Learn how each Mars sign handles break-ups.
Find out why a relationship with a man who has the Sun sign next to yours is so hard to get over.
Discover why astrological opposites attract (and repel forcefully once the relationship is over).
You’ll no longer have to wonder why a man five signs away from you can feel like an alien, a soul mate, the love of your life or all three in the same day!
If you have ever wondered why a hot guy seems really into you for a while and then leaves you for somebody who is nothing like you? Or why that guy you thought was just a friend or shoulder to cry on during a nasty break-up suddenly wants to be something more? Find out why you should blame his Venus (and Moon) signs.
Find out why women do not always end up the man they find the most attractive. (Clue – it has to do with her Mars and Sun sign).
Whether there are factors in your (or your lover’s) natal (birth charts) that increase the likelihood of divorce.
The impact the outer planets (Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune) can have on relationships.
Explore the world of hard aspects and what they mean for your relationship.
And finally, discover what you and they might be like as exes. Will you be friends, frenemis, combatants or supremely indifferent? Read Broken Sun Sign Relationships to find out.

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