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Low-Carb One-Dish Meals: 50 Creative and Delicious Recipes that You Can Make in One Snap: Quick & Easy

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Low-Carb One-Dish Meals:

50 Creative and Delicious Recipes that You Can Make in One Snap

Do you want all the benefits of a well-balanced diet in the comforts of a one-plate meal? Don’t have time to put together a complete course of dishes to complete your daily nutritional requirements? Are you looking for a guilt-free and low carb alternative to your usual favorites? The answer to all your questions is the one-dish meal!

The one-dish meal puts together all the essentials, good fats, low carbs and high protein all in one balanced and most importantly delicious dish. The one-dish meal saves you from cooking extra dishes just to meet your required daily intake. It is simple; all you need is on one plate, no fuss, and no complicated preparations just total health benefits.

Not all one-dish recipes are made the same, this book shares with you low carb versions of regular one-dish recipes for an even healthier twist. This way you get the health benefits you want while achieving the weight that you deserve. No flavor is sacrificed, no budget is overspent, and no effort is wasted.

If cooking low carb and nutritionally balanced meals is your lifestyle, then this book is for you! If you want to take advantage of the benefits of a one-dish meal, t hen this book is also for you! If you want to retake control of your weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, then this book is definitely for you!

I want to share with you how beneficial low carb and one-dish meals are. There is a recipe in this book for every person, for the picky young eater, the visiting relative, and the sophisticated colleague and most importantly for you. I know how tempting it is to skimp on the health decisions to make way for practicality but with these recipes, you no longer have to!

Inside you will learn classic one-dish but with a Low Carb twist on:

·         Casseroles

·         Soups and stews

·         Salads

·         Dishes prepared using crock pots and skillets

·         Desserts and snacks

·         Best practices

Once you learn the basics of one-dish and low carb cooking, you will never look at dishes the same way again! You may spend less time in the kitchen but still create the same or even better quality of dishes that you would have if you have spent hours cooking!

Don’t wait another minute! Start preparing these one-dish recipes and resume your journey to a healthier and better you!

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