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The Darkside of the Medallion



Fire in the Sky is the second action-packed book in Mr. Ferretti’s, The Darkside of the Medallion trilogy. This fast-paced novel will take the reader, Jen, Bast and Cheryl to the court of Zeus, to the underworld, and back to a battlefield of death and disappointments.

United with Sally again, the three girls are thrust into pitched battles, forcing them to seek and use ancient magic that threatens to distort time itself. Seth gathers more allies on his side and uses them to divide the girls until one of them quits the unshakable trio.

Change whispers in the air and Jen faces a dilemma. Neith forbids the use of alien weapons against Seth and his dark army; but Seth is using his godly powers and alien technology to destroy the ancient present on Pelta, and the gods and goddesses aiding Jen, have stopped speaking to her.

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