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Skin Walkers: Baymac

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Grace Rowland is on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend. Her decision to move on couldn’t have come at a worse time because the blizzard blasting the state has made it impossible for her friend to retrieve her from the small town she’s holed up in. Assured that someone is coming for her, Grace is leery as all hell when a sexy behemoth arrives and claims to be her transportation.

Baymac Southon, Skin Walker Sentry, is pissed at his most recent assignment. Retrieve a human and escort her to the wolf shifters in Glacier? Puh-lease! He’s too damn skilled to be wasting his talents on such a pathetic mission.
Between picking up Grace and getting her through the storm, Baymac’s protective instincts quickly grow to something much stronger. Familiar with Dominant Walker, Monroe StoneCrow’s games, Baymac tries to fight his attraction to the human woman, but when he finds out that she’s going to the wolves so they can find her a mate, feral possessiveness clouds his judgment.
Wolf shifter battles have been scheduled and Grace is the prize. Baymac needs to decide if he’s going to deliver Grace to her awaited fate or keep her for himself.

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