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20 Minute Golf Tune-Up: Confidence

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Part of the ‘20 Minute Golf Tune-Up’ series, this book is designed to get golfers shooting lower scores quickly.
Confidence is our belief in our ability to succeed in our challenges. Golf presents many challenges, and golfers who win the most are usually the most confident.
Confident golfers improve their performances, score better, and enjoy the game more. Golfers who lack confidence score poorly, worry more, and fear the game of golf. But because confidence is a belief, we can learn to change it and learn to be confident.
When you invest your time to be a confident golfer, the returns keep coming back to you. This book and the techniques within - in the space of a 20-minute read - will help boost your confidence and improve your golf game through sections that include:
- Being a confident performer
- What to do when... have lost your confidence in golf lose your confidence when you start a game badly lose confidence in parts of your game lose your confidence and can’t seem to get it back never stick to your game plan during the game can’t stop doubting yourself on the course
- What the research tell us: Confidence buffers the effect of anxiety on performance
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Note: This book uses condensed and curated content from the authors’ acclaimed title The Successful Golfer; if you already have a copy of The Successful Golfer, please do not purchase this book, there is content overlap.

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