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20 Minute Golf Tune-Up: Concentration and Nerves

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Part of the ‘20 Minute Golf Tune-Up’ series, this book is designed to help golfers overcome their nerves and boost their concentration levels. Through the examination of commonly experienced scenarios, readers will soon be playing better, more effective golf. Sections include what to do when: can’t seem to concentrate when you have made a mistake often end up short of the green when you know you should hit the green can’t stop thinking about the score during the game
...even the slightest noise interrupts your concentration can’t seem to relax the night before a big tournament feel so nervous on the morning of a tournament and you don’t know what to do can’t manage your anger after a bad shot
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* * *
Note: This book uses condensed and curated content from the authors’ acclaimed title The Successful Golfer; if you already have a copy of The Successful Golfer, please do not purchase this book, there is content overlap.

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