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20 Minute Golf Tune-Up: Putting

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Part of the ‘20 Minute Golf Tune-Up’ series, this book is designed to help golfers tackle problems and issues with putting. For putting to be most effective, a golfer’s action needs to be as smooth and unconscious as possible. Sections include what to do when: have a three-foot putt, but often miss them but think you should score easily often end up three-putting when I have a great chance of a birdie can’t putt well when you are nervous putt but always seem to leave the ball short of the hole
...short putts are your Achilles heel have a great fear of three putting
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Note: This book uses condensed and curated content from the authors’ acclaimed title The Successful Golfer; if you already have a copy of The Successful Golfer, please do not purchase this book, there is content overlap.

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