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Concealed Carry for Beginners: Fundamentals for Every Citizen Carrying a Concealed Weapon for Self-Defense: Home Defense

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It is every person’s duty and obligation to protect the lives of his family and himself.  With mass shootings becoming more common place in the media, and high risk of danger in the most populated cities across the nation, having the ability to defend yourself is a no-brainer—but understand how to defend yourself legally can be difficult.

In this book, I seek to set the record straight on why carrying a gun on your body at all times isn’t just a right, but a necessity.  I’ll show you how concealed carry laws have saved lives, and what lessons can be drawn from those examples.

Acquiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon varies from state to state—I’ll show you the most common obstacles you’ll find in acquiring your permit, as well as take a look at the most forgiving (and most strict) states where carrying a firearm is concerned.

The simple act of concealing a weapon is an art form in itself.  This book has tips and tricks on how to keep your weapon hidden and what sort of equipment will be provide comfort and reliability for you.  And for the beginner, I’ll also cover the most common mistakes the concealed weapon carrier makes to ensure you look and act like a professional at all times.

Inside You Will Learn:

The benefits of carrying a weapon every day When a concealed weapon can become a hindrance to your life Real life cases when lives were saved by a concealed weapon Common mistakes made by CCW license holders The steps to acquiring a concealed carry license Tips for hiding your weapon in regular clothing A summary of the many holsters available on the market How to choose a gun that’s right for you State positions on acquiring concealed carry permits An explanation of reciprocity laws And Much More

So don’t delay, purchase this book today and learn how and why to carry your concealed weapon!

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