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Hair Goals

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Hair care is a challenge to many people. Most of us just go with what we have been seeing other people do as we grow up without knowing if the inherited methods of hair care are good for our hair or not. Some of us have never stopped and asked ourselves if the products we use on our hair are safe. We just use them because they promise us the results we desire, not knowing they may harm us in the process. This book talks about healthy hair care.It insists on the importance of loving your hair and treating it like something you treasure. It also talks about the importance of knowing what your hair products are made of and the ingredients to watch out for in the hair products. Solutions to hair problems such as hair thinning and breakage have been explained. Homemade recipes for hair care that can serve as an alternative to commercial products have also been listed. If you want to take better care of your hair or find solutions to your hair problems and improve your hair growth, then this book is for you.

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