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Radio Taiso: The Exercise of 10 Million Japanese

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Raise your energy levels and encourage good health with this English language version of the famous Radio Taiso exercises.

What is Radio Taiso?

Literally meaning “radio exercises”, essentially they are a series of callisthenic (i.e. bodyweight) movements. They are designed to warm the body up as well as raise energy levels and encourage overall good health. The 'radio' part comes simply from the fact the instructions and tempo for performing these exercises are broadcast on the radio in Japan.

There are three variations of this routine:

1. Suitable for all ages and abilities (this one)
2. To increase strength.
3. Sitting version for the elderly/disabled (OR just people who want to do it sitting down!)

So, whether you are looking to banish early morning aches with gentle stretches to loosen your joints, or you just want something to energise you for the working day ahead – Radio Taiso could be just the exercise program for you.

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