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Long Arm of the Law : Jack the Ripper

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Jack the Ripper isn’t famous, rich, or royal, but he played a crucial role on the night of the double event. My suspect is an ordinary man, yet he both frightens and threatens the Metropolitan police to this day. They accused him of perjury, some called him a liar, others a fool. But he lived to a ripe old age and evaded the hangman’s noose. In short, he got away with murder. The files on The Jack the Ripper case will remain sealed to protect witnesses one-hundred and thirty years after the Whitechapel murders!
‘Helston portrays the lives of the murdered women, so often portrayed as victims devoid of personality and mere bit-part players in the drama that is Jack the ripper, with sensitivity and humour.’
‘A brush with the law. Ha, ha.’

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