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A Letter to My Pre - Teen

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Issues about human sexuality are often overlooked in Christian circles. While the society at large has flooded the atmosphere with a wide variety of information about sexuality, verified by science or otherwise, (and often information perpetuated by a small group of people to push their own hidden agenda), there is not much information from a biblical perspective to the adolescents who needs to know about the various physiological and psychological changes their bodies are going through and how to relate to the barrage of unverified information flying around.
Kemi in this letter from a mother to her pre-teenager, has been able to provide clarification about some of the confusions that might be going on in the minds of not just the pre-teens but also teenagers, young adults and even adults about what is natural or normal about human sexuality. She discussed about menstruation, sex, contraception and a host of other hot issues from a biblical perspective.

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