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Purgatory : Heaven Won't Wait

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Elspeth burns at the stake. Her beauty melts before the mob’s gaze as if she were a scented candle. Matthew, the witchfinder, strives to achieve his ambition. His solemn pledge is to rid the world of infernal necromancers' infestation. Elspeth’s family misjudge their enchantment. Elspeth rises on the heat from the pyre and tumbles to Earth from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century. Louis, Elspeth's soul mate, holds the key to the gates of heaven. Not all may climb the silver stair to paradise. Loosely based on ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ with David Niven. ‘A deliciously dark fairytale. Brimming with humour as black as a witches’ cat.’

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