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Light Unbroken (Ardor of Light Trilogy) Book 1

205 pages3 hours


After receiving news of his mentor’s untimely death, Kelan returns to the city of Leydeity where he spent years running away from. As Kelan digs deeper to seek the answers and the culprits responsible, the more he finds himself distracted by the politics of power and lies where one wrong step can lead to his death.

In the heart of the forest near the City of Leydeity, the quiet life for sibling, Phoebe and Patton is cut short when Phoebe is captured and taken away by a group of men with sinister intention. Running out of time, Patton will undertake a journey that will test how far he will go and do to be reunited with her again.

Groomed to become the next chief of the fierce Itipio tribe, Suyzi must first survive with her life as she navigates through the underground city of Basahar as she looks for her father while staying one step ahead of a persistent suitor who wants to make her his bride.

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