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Patty Cakes: The Baker's Man Comes

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Attention! All you freaks on the streets and intelligent geeks!
You, who seek creative kink and beauties with ink!
You, who crave an artistic foray into the foyer of foreplay!
Come inside Patty Cakes Baked Goods!
Where sexy euphemisms, innuendos, and lexicons roam free!
Where metronomic etymology and ancient occult terminology meet!
Where the Twilight Zone and classic porn get a new beat!
Come wet or come dry, you'll leave satisfied, every time!

In this first part of the Patty Cakes smutpunk erotica series, Patty is readying herself for a long night of prepping before her weekly Hump Day open mic event.

Patty's not your average girl—she's that badass, tattooed, Afropunk chick who owns her own bumpin' bakery. A place where slam poets spit their truth and pain at open mic nights, local bands and MCs transform it into a show-space, and untapped artists use its walls as a gallery.

Before she gets started baking, she’s gotta use her fingers to grease up her cake-pan just right to get her in the baking mood.
(Come! Be the voyeuristic fly-on-the-bakery-wall getting a full view of Patty heating up her oven!)

Patty has been trying to perfect her Grandma’s red velvet cupcake recipe forever but hasn’t discovered the secret missing ingredient yet. She desperately wants that edge, that special touch that will raise her to the top and make her the tastiest baker in town.

Along comes an ancient and mysterious paranormal African deity, known only as "the Baker’s Man," who arrives out of seemingly nowhere to inject her with his magical seed—the secret ingredient she's been searching for. These two know how to mix it up HOT, and the sweet result is nothing short of fresh, delicious bliss.
(The Baker's Man gets his wooden spoon licked clean, then bakes Patty's cake as fast as he can (more than once)!)

Patty finds out just how good her cakes can taste when the Baker's Man comes, and he gets off with a new baker to add to his minions and a promise to come whenever Patty calls!

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