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Hunted in the Woods and Taken

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When Lord deVere catches Alice stealing from him, she expects him to discipline her. But the punishment he inflicts on her is more twisted and debauched than innocent Alice could ever imagine. She is released into the woods - and then Lord deVere and his men hunt her down, like predators chasing prey. When the ordeal ends, Alice has tasted true pain and pleasure, and is an innocent no more.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

At the thought of her punishment, Alice stood again. Now she had to be smart...there was no way in heaven or hell she could outrun the lord and his steed. She would have to walk through terrain that was too rocky for his horse to tread. There were rocky hills close to where she thought she was. Perhaps she could go there.

She started to walk, being sure to stay slow to conserve her energy. She thought if her 30 minute head start had run itself up. She wondered if he was already looking for her, tracking her through the land like his prey. For some reason the thought of him hunting her, a strong, insatiable man out for blood, set fire to her heart. It was so stimulating, the thought of being prey to a hunter.

Alice was suddenly ashamed of her perverse thoughts and tried to push them to the edge of her mind. She was not some whore from the city to be aroused by a chase.

Alice had reached a harsh incline at this point, and began to work her way up it. She was having trouble maintaining her balance, so there was no way in the world a horse could follow her. She may just make it out of this unscathed, and she grinned at the thought. Just has she began to congratulate herself, she heard a sharp sound to her right.

Turning, she saw a man.

She recognized him. He was one of Lord deVere’s hunting partners.

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