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Young Sorceress Book 2: The Specials

529 pages7 hours


A terrible danger is approaching.
The castings by the Circle of 13 have finally revealed clear portents, omens of death and destruction on an unimaginable scale. Now the powerful sorceresses know they must give Rilla and her friends a new mission: go the territory of the Industrials and recruit their help. A difficult task, as there has been no contact with this technically advanced society for twenty years, and they consider Rilla’s people to be nothing more than superstitious, ignorant barbarians. Somehow, Rilla, Ias, Morris, and Zibby must go to the Industrials, convince them of the certainty of the oncoming danger, and enlist their aid in the looming battle that could mean the extinction of the last few nations of Earth.
Young Sorceress is a series for young adults.

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