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20 Minute Golf Tune-Up: Pre-Shot

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Part of the ‘20 Minute Golf Tune-Up’ series, this book is designed to get golfers consistently shooting lower scores.

This Pre-Shot book looks at what golfers can do before they get onto the course (goal-setting, self-reflection, imagery) and when playing (the crucial pre-shot routine itself). Effective pre-shot routines (as well as post-shot, and post-mistake routines) enable golfers to play their best golf when it matters most. Implementing the techniques listed in this book will help provide effective preparation, and a structure that leads to increased focus, better practice, smoother actions, and a heightened control of distractions.

This book and the techniques within - in the space of a 20-minute read - will help identify and cement your pre-shot activities and routines, and improve your golf game.

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* * *

Note: This book uses condensed and curated content from the authors’ acclaimed title The Successful Golfer; if you already have a copy of The Successful Golfer, please do not purchase this book, there is content overlap.

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