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Burn The Dead: Riot: Burn The Dead, #3

191 pages3 hours


A sold-out stadium.

A virus unleashed.

For 17-year-old Alfie Button, today was always going to be a memorable day.

The cheers of excited fans soon become desperate, bloodcurdling cries for help as a legion of the undead overwhelms the stadium. Panic erupts as 21,000 people rush for the exits, only to find them sealed.

With nowhere to run, suffocating in a torrent of blood and chaos, all Alfie and his friends can do is fight for survival--and pray that help will come.

But in every game, in every stadium...

There has to be a loser.

"I love the world the author has created--lots of action and real characterisation."
JAMIE WHITE - Author of The Stains Trilogy

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