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Three Little Words: Love by the Numbers, #3

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I'm not letting go of what's important. Especially now that I've beaten the dreaded C-word. In fact, the only thing I haven't conquered is the way my best friend's ex makes me feel.
And what's worse? I'm not sure I want to get over that.

Zane Ryder used to be on top of the world. He had everything most people want--fame, fortune, and a face that sent albums flying off the shelves. Until disaster struck, in the form of a disease that almost took his life. Now he's recovering from surgery and questioning every decision he's made thus far--including falling for his best friend's fiancée.

Trish Masters has always had a thing for fixing what's broken--whether it's people, the planet, or even a litter of unwanted stray puppies. But when she's branded as the woman who almost destroyed America's favorite rock band, she's determined to close herself off from the world--and her feelings for the completely wrong guy. She's a fixer--not a destroyer. And she just can't get caught up in the rock star lifestyle again.

When a relapse causes Zane to rely on Trish for help, both recognize they're trapped by their own desperate hearts. Will they succumb to fear or be brave enough to admit the truth and finally whisper those THREE LITTLE WORDS?

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