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Dorothy Lyle In Sucks: The Miracles and Millions Saga, #6

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Dorothy Lyle’s life sucks. At least that’s her personal opinion. Yet she is a fighter and an eternal optimist, and can come back quicker than a greased boomerang.

She has been dumped by her TV presenter boyfriend. However, despite her personal security being ramped up after an attack in London, she isn’t hanging around, and has accepted a dinner date with the equally security conscious Dorian Ganley. Ireland’s richest man no less.

So why is she feeling guilty? Jack Maddox has been there for her and is still very much there for her. He has been by her side through thick and thin since the day she employed him. Never wavering in his professionalism, and unstinting in his calm approach to every danger she faces, he is becoming like a comfortable pair of shoes.

Dorothy can’t help but feel they are becoming intertwined and difficult to separate.

And what about Maddox? Gradually, bit by bit, all he can think about is screwing his perfect boss. But how can a guy like him match up against the type of man Dorothy can attract? And how does he concentrate on her safety with thoughts like those running around inside his head?

And is Ganley really the right man for her? He doesn’t want for anything and says all the right things, yet at the same time he doesn’t send the right signals in that important sexual way. There are more questions for Dorothy than answers, and still in the background is a dark and looming danger, never far from her thoughts.

Miracles and Millions – A story of friendship

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