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Cyber Pimpin': The Art of Cheating Episodes, #7

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Cheating is anything you say or do to another, that you won’t fully disclose to your significant other. This was a lesson HoLLyRod drove home hard into the head of Sashé in the early stages of their affair. They’ve crossed lines that can’t be undone now, their relationship has grown into one without a need to sneak around.

HoLLy learned his lessons from the Ménages journey, and cut off ties with any & all remaining distractions. But Tracy is one online temptation HoLLy can’t seem to break things off with, especially since she’s sending gifts & wiring money on the regular. It’s not really cheating - after all, they mostly only communicate via texts. But how will he keep this cyber affair from Sashé, now that Tracy wants to start meeting in person?

Cyber Pimpin’ kicks off another season of The Art of Cheating Episodes, full of new characters & twists…digging deeper into TAOC universe with more shocking reveals.

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