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“Perhaps The Most Important Book Of Our Time”

"The Good News:" Millions of courageous Egyptians risked life and limb to earn their freedom, gain the ability to choose their own leaders, and demand their God given right to human dignity. Their successful revolution has inspired people throughout the Middle East – And how goes Egypt, goes the rest of the region.

"The Bad News:" Lying in wait to hijack these all-encompassing ideals are the hard-core religious extremist and their traditional adversaries, a few military strongmen. If given half a chance, both would viciously suppress this budding “Brave New World” – One in the name of a barely recognizable, brooding stringent God – The other in the name of stability.

"It all happened once before:" 3333 years ago a similar generation of young Egyptians, fed up with the brutality of a religious driven fanatical regime, rose up in masse and followed two idealistic children into a brief but glorious Golden Age for all Egyptians. Five hundred years before the Greeks they were rewarded with the world’s First Democracy, First Bill of Rights, Freedom to Worship Freely, The Abolishment of Slavery, and the sincere encouragement for all to follow their own (peaceful) dreams and ambitions.

"It wouldn’t last:" A single disgruntled general, simmering over the new equalities for every Egyptian, would deceive the kingdom’s progressive young rulers with an historic betrayal. Joined in the self-serving plot by a few religious zealots (High Priests) restored to prominence by Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun, they intended on rescinding the kingdom’s new religious freedoms – Making themselves, once again, the only authority in Egypt’s all-important spiritual realm. It would take a decade, but after a severe battlefield mishap to the young pharaoh, and a devastating miscarriage to his brilliant queen, they would finally get their opportunity. When the time came they would blame the dual tragedies with a vengeance, on Egypt’s most vulnerable new citizens.

"In a narrative so profound:" The most important Book of the Old Testament, (Exodus) fully revealed for the very first time, is only a back-story to this all-encompassing tale. (Includes the origin of the Hebrews, why they were really enslaved, what pharaoh enslaved them, who was pharaoh when the infant Moses showed up on his doorstep.)

"After their contrived deaths:" It would take Egypt’s next four pharaohs more than four decades to fully erase their powerful legacy, until their cherished shared memory was finally expunged from history.

"Now that rightful glory is completely restored:" Their incredible pulse pounding nonstop adventure, from the beginning of their enlightening reign to its tragic finish, is finally, fully exposed. It’s no coincidence that it comes now, as a dire warning from one generation of young Egyptians to another. Don’t let your dreams and rightful place in this world be stolen away, yet again. The World needs Egypt to become a great progressive nation, yet again – As it was when two children defied the most ruthless men of the day, and ruled the most powerful kingdom in the world – Their Way.

"This is the complete Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun:" Down to the smallest detail.

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