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Playing with Fire: Bart Learns a Hard Lesson about Fire Danger

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"An excellent book for children how to handle fire and what not to do."

"The illustrations are ideal for kids and reflect serious emotions and actions. This is a very worthy story."

"This is a cute kids story teaching children about dangers of setting forest fires; how the careless act of one could cause many animals to lose their home."

"Playing with Fire - Bart Learns a Hard Lesson about Fire Danger," tells the story of Bart and his friends as they go on a hike and learn about fire safety in a way they did not expect. Bart is very careless when dealing with matches and he does not want to listen to his friends' warning. So he goes off alone and leaves a fire burning, only to wake up and find himself trapped in the midst of a forest fire.
What happens to him and his friend caught in the fire makes interesting reading and no doubt, Bart learns his lesson the hard way in the end.

This story is all-too-relevant and all-too-familiar in our communities, and by writing Playing with Fire, the author has created an opportunity for kids to learn about fire safety the easy way rather than the hard way. We will be collaborating with fire departments to distribute this book to schools and neighborhoods as a part of their comprehensive, active fire prevention program.

There is no way to overstate just how important "Playing with Fire" is. This is a fire safety message that will capture children’s attention and keep them entertained so that they absorb the information and lessons necessary to keeping them safe and to keeping our communities safe.
If you have ever seen a house gutted by fire, whether in person or in pictures, you can imagine the horror that such an incident ushers into every life that it touches. We want to prevent such horror any way that we can, and getting this book out to young readers is one way that is simple, easy, and efficient.

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