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In Our Own Aboriginal Voice

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“It’s not often you find the writings of a teenager lumped in with those of a man serving a life prison sentence. In Our Own Aboriginal Voice is a collection of stories that spans such diverse experiences because most First Nations writing, by definition, includes difficult and treacherous life paths.”- (BC Booklook, Nov. 10, 2016)

In Our Own Aboriginal Voice is a collection of 24 short stories, poems, memoirs, non-fiction, and even a few scripts, written by 13 Aboriginal authors from ages young to old, weaved around a background of art created by Aboriginal artists. Of the many themes reflected, the one constant thread unifying them is a sense of strength, resilience, and hope.

“We are just as diverse in our cultural practises and understandings as other people are. The one thing that binds [us] to others is our mutual desire to learn where we came from and to replicate what was once an amazing culture that we feel incredibly proud of belonging to.”- (from the forward by Terri Mack, Strong Nations.)

– Prayer: Coming Together, Darlene McIntosh
– Rebirth of a Nation, Mary-Ann Chevrier
– The Beat and the Walk, Kris J Skinner
– Moccasins, Spencer Sheehan-Kalina
– Flood Damage, Michael Calvert
– Past Energy Outlet, Tara DeSousa
– Queering While Brown: How I Attempt Two-Spiritedness in 2016, Kevin Henry
– Artifact, Spencer Sheehan-Kalina
– Understanding Colonization, Kevin Henry
– Tears of the 19th Century, Tara DeSousa
– Fallen Over, Michael Calvert
– Stolen Generations: Intergenerational Traumas, Residential Schools and Indian Peoples, Kevin Henry
– Where I Belong, Natalia Auger Nybida
– Running Freely, Ry-Lee Pearson
– Gilwa, Joe Starr
– Waiting For Me, Maryann Dick
– Yellow Mouse Doorway, Tara DeSousa
– Teenagers, Kirsten Sam
– This is My Story, Jerry Smaaslet
– Medicine Wheel Teaching, Jerry Smaaslet
– Becoming a Warrior, Jerry Smaaslet
– Manitou, Spencer Sheehan-Kalina
– Strayed, Michael Calvert
– Prayer: Honouring Our Elders & Ancestors, Darlene McIntosh

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