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Jud jumps in, “I graduated from college and I was then hired by the Aardvark Technical Corporation, as a Computer Programmer III. The job title was awarded only after I had completed a battery of technical tests, with outstanding scores.”
The woman muses, “Yes. You completed a slightly different battery of technical tests here, also with outstanding scores. What happened?”
“I was hired by the Aardvark Technical Corporation, as a computer programmer. Then, after I had completed a battery of their technical tests, with outstanding scores, I was a Computer Programmer III. The Aardvark Technical Corporation, had also hired, at about the same time, a woman named Tanya Cluver. Tanya was to work as a Computer Operator, at Desert Base 9. It was then decided that Tanya was to remain at the main plant and that I would work as a Computer Operator, at Desert Base 9, with a reduction in my pay. I declined. The powers that be at the Aardvark Technical Corporation then decided to quote, 'beat some sense into you.' unquote. I defended myself. Fortunately, I had foreseen the possibility of trouble and I wore a bodyvideocam into the meeting. By the time that I was able to exit the Aardvark Technical plant, there were five dead. The trouble had attracted a Channel 13 mobile news crew and I got my bodyvideocam to them. The Aardvark Technical people and/or their lawyers then lied about my job title and a supposed agreement that I had signed, to exile me to Desert Base 9 for the term of five years. There were several court proceedings and several instances of perjured testimony by Aardvark Technical Corporation people. Due to the bodyvideocam recording, the criminal charges against me were dismissed, with prejudice. There are still a few civil actions pending.”
The woman muses, “Yes. We have investigated your back trail and things seem to be much as you have described. However, you are going to have to spend some time, here at Desert Base 9. One thing that is a bit of a puzzle is your stated physical size.”
Jud sighs, “I'm five feet ten inches tall and I weigh about 205 pounds.” Jud extends his arm, toward the lady, “Grab my forearm.”
The woman reaches over and grabs Jud's forearm. She's surprised, “Very large and very muscular.”
Jud lectures, “I'm 205 pounds of chain lightning fighter. I'm a lot stronger than most men my size. In my past, a lot of boys found out why they shouldn't try trouble with me.”
The woman sighs, “Fighting won't help you here.”
Jud lectures, “Despite my circumstances, I'll do programming work here, to the best of my ability. If people leave me alone, I'll leave them alone. If people want trouble, trouble I got.”
The woman sighs and says,”I'll sign you in, against my better judgment.”
Jud signs some papers and then leaves, via a back door.
* * *
A woman comes out of a door, she asks, “William Crull?”
One young man stands and says, “I'm Billy Crull.”
The woman motions for him to follow her.
The two go into an office. The woman sits behind a desk, Billy Crull sits on a chair, in front of the desk.
The woman shuffles some papers and then says, “Mr. Crull, you have a very poor evaluation..”
Billy says, “Well, I thought that I did pretty good.”
The woman says, “You turned in less than ten percent of the work assigned to you.”
Billy sighs, “Yeah, I got a little too involved with writing the newsletter. But I did a real good job writing the newsletter.”
The woman sighs, “Here at Desert Base 9, you will be expected to produce your assigned software, including documentation. A newsletter will be no part of your assignments. Mr. Crull, Desert Base 9 is your final chance. If you try to get by here with no work, you're gone.”
Billy Crull signs some papers and then leaves, via a back door.
* * *
A woman comes out of a door, she asks, “Mortimer Corter?”
An older man stands and says, “I'm Mortimer Corter.”
The woman motions for him to foll

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