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Zombies! Episode 3.4: Pot of Gold

99 pages1 hour


Having been with the Undead Unit for several months, Mikayla Deigh had finally found her place as its commander. Still, the reason she accepted position in the first place, the goal she set for herself, has been forever out of reach. Until now. A chance decision and a lucky break sets her on the path toward finding her son's killers. She will go through August Reuter, John Arrick, Rollins, and her own daughter to find the truth. She will know who murdered Michael Cortes.

In the meantime, a call comes in from an apartment building in the gang country. A basement full of zombies needs to be investigated and, with the Units newfound autonomy, the troops go in. But what she sees, what she has seen, will change the way Mary Steubens thinks and begin to alter her decisions from now on.

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