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Forsworn, The Bittersweet Vampire Chronicles, Book 2

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She was the only girl he had ever loved. After several lifetimes of waging war, the vampire leader realizes just how dreary his life has been when he attempts to kill a hooded trespasser only to reveal a charmingly grumpy, gorgeous young girl. One moment she's trying to stab him, the next she's soothing his soul with her easy, infectious laughter. Little does he know that she is there to kill him.

For a "not nice, bully", Ariel supposed the youngest vampire brother was alright. It was his oldest brother--who was supposedly away on business--that Ariel intended to kill as soon as he returns home. Under false identity, she awaits his eminent arrival, busying herself by saving, healing & inadvertently charming countless Fraser's, unaware of the fervor of interest she's stirring.
But when Ariel overhears a plot to attack her clan, she flees in order to warn her beloved family. What happens next will change the course of her life forever...

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