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More Hotwife Fantasies: a Three-Story Bundle

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Kathy, the gorgeous hotwife, and Mike, her loving husband, return in three stories so hot that your ebook reader is in peril of catching fire. Kathy will meet again with Mike's hot black friend; the cuckold will have his reward with three hot girls provided by her wife; and in the last act, everybody who appeared in the previous eight stories will meet again for a final encounter before the curtain falls!

The first story in this compilation, YAYYY!!! I SCORED WITH YOUR BLACK FRIEND, has Kathy meeting Kyle, the muscular African-American stud, for a second time after their initial encounter on a luxurious boat. This time couldn't be more different: they set up an appointment at midnight, on a van parked on a desert street. Kathy will
be taken as Mike hears everything through the cell phone his loving wife has left there!

In the second adventure, YOU KNOW MY FRIENDS WANT YOU, Mike will meet a Russian redhead, a busty petite and a Latina bombshell that are eager to verify the tales about his sexual prowess! Kathy has told them about his husband's
virtues, and they want to experience them firsthand. They will, in a steamy session that will leave everyone more than satisfied.

The last story in this volume, and in the whole series of Kathy and Mike's hot adventures, takes place in the couple's house, right before they leave town forever. They want all their friends to share an intimate moment with them before parting ways!
Everyone will be there for an afternoon that will surpass all their hottest fantasies: the black guy, the millionaire, the Russian beauty, the fit blonde, the pretty brunette, the chubby sexmaster, the curvy hottie, the secret admirer, the gorgeous Latina, the tall basketball player, and more! An orgy of epic proportions that is sure to live up to its title: WE'RE GONNA BE FRIENDS FOREVER. Because you don't forget the people who made you reach the stars!

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