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Children's Literacy Under One Hour

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Literacy is necessary to be successful academically and to perform adequately in most jobs. Reading can also be a valuable form of entertainment, yet learning to read can be extremely difficult.
Unlike the ability to see, hear, or speak, there is no specific part of the brain exclusively devoted towards the ability to read. For this reason, a child is best equipped to gain the skills and understand the enjoyment that comes with reading, if the adults in his or her life are well informed about how reading works.
Children's Literacy Under One Hour will give you an overview of the concepts helpful towards teaching a child to read, or encourage a child who is already starting to read. This book includes information relevant to children as early as infancy, to as old as elementary school. From the six early literacy skills, the way the brain develops, picture vs. chapter books, to phonics and sentence structure, it is sure to prepare your child to succeed in school and in life!

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