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The Discarded Mistress

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Reece stared blindly at the twinkling lights of the city trying not to go into panic mode. This was precisely what he’d been afraid of. He was getting too close to Fiona. He needed to distance himself. Maybe, she ought to return to London. He would provide her with enough money so she could rent a flat and live comfortably. He needed the space to figure out their relationship even though he already had a pretty good idea. Once free of Dominique and the sham engagement, he’d bring Fiona back.
His pulse quickened as the front door slammed and turned to see her poised in the terrace doorway. Her expression was grave.
“Fiona!” Placing his glass on a table, he strode over to draw her into his arms and plant a soft kiss on her lips. “I was worried, Ma petite. Are you okay?” he asked leading her to the plush sofa. “Drink?”
She shook her head.
Reece dropped down beside her and took her hand. “You’re upset, Cheri. What’s the matter?” His eyes widened in disbelief when she pulled her hand away. A chill coasted down his spine. Was she breaking off with him? This, he had not expected.
“’s rather difficult...” she began.
Reece grimaced. No, he didn’t...he couldn’t bear to hear her say it and quickly cut her off. “Yes, you’re right. I’m so glad we’re on the same page.”
Startled Fiona slanted a look at him. “We are?”
“Yes, we need some time away from each other.” Later, in hindsight it struck him that, perhaps, it may not have been what she’d been going to say. He picked up his glass of wine and took a big gulp. He was going to grab the opportunity for now. He’d clear it all up later. She would understand.
“Are you breaking up with me?”
“No, my love, no. We’re not breaking up. Think of it as a pause. It’ll do us both good to take some time away from each other. In a few months, I’ll be back in London and we can meet up again.”
“I see.”
“I know things are hard so I’d like to help. And before you refuse, please consider that you have no funds of your own.”
Every word fell upon her like a physical blow. Payment for services rendered? She felt her heart splintering into bits.
“Fiona, say something.”
How about, go to go to hell? She thought, then remembered her baby. A slow burn of tears rose behind her eyes. No, damn it. She had to be strong. He was right. She did need the money. “How much money are we talking about?”
Reece stared at Fiona. That was it? No pleading? No hysterics? “You’re taking this rather well. You do realise this is temporary? I’ll be in touch. We’re not done, yet, Fiona.”
She sighed. “Look, either we’re together or we’re not. I don’t want to drag things out endlessly. So, again, how much money are you offering?”
She was one cool customer, he thought, not liking it one bit. “How about 50,000 Euros now. Call me when you’re getting low and I’ll wire you more.”
She snorted. “50? Better make it a 100,000.”
Reece gaped. That sounded a bit cold blooded, not at all like his Fiona. It occurred to him then, how often he thought of her as his. What did it matter, he could afford it. “Alright,” he said slowly. “I’ll make the transfer.”
She was shocked. Wow! He’d capitulated so easily. He must really want me out of here. She was deeply saddened. Her life would be bleak and desolate without him. She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. They were was going to be okay, she and her baby. At least there would be someone to love her. Unconditionally.
“Where shall I send it?”
“I’ll let you know in a day or two?”
Reece paled. “A day or two? What are you talking about, Fiona?”
“I’m leaving tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow? What’s the rush?” His eyes narrowed then hardened. “Is there someone else or are you missing the fast life in London?”
“Whatever. I’d appreciate it if you could book me the earliest flight out.”
“Okay, Ma petite, as you wish. But can’t I tempt you to stay a little longer?”
“What could you possibly have

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