Kingmaker: A Harry King Thriller

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Kingmaker: A Harry King Thriller

Length: 441 pages6 hours


WEALTH. POWER. GLORY. REVENGE. When the world is against you, who do you trust? April 1940. Norway has fallen under the Nazi Blitzkrieg. Only a small British force now stands between Hitler's SS and the ultimate prize. Lieutenant Harry King is in trouble again. Haunted by his past and consumed by alcohol, he is saved from his fate by a mysterious senior officer. When he is sent on a seemingly simple errand, he stumbles into a conspiracy that could change the course of the war. Dragged into a hair-raising world of murder, mystery and betrayal, King must choose between his duty, love and revenge. In a heart-pounding race across the frozen tundra, mountains and fjords, can he survive against the odds and uncover the traitor at the heart of his world?

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