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The Hitman's Revenge: A Dexter Nash Novella, #2

101 pages1 hour


Dexter Nash was a hitman. He murdered for money and it was a business to him. Nothing personal. Dex was given a job to do a hit on a state senator and in his research he met a woman who had an incriminating video of the senator in bed with two women. The woman wanted to blackmail the senator so she would have the cash to move away from the state. Unfortunately, she was murdered, which didn’t make Dex very happy. Now he had to shoot the senator and go after the men who killed the woman. More twists and turns as Dex has been outed as the shooter and is on the run from the Feds and police. They also find two more prominent politicians were in the video. Will they help Dex to follow through with his revenge? Along with a fellow hitman, Wallace, they both work to clear Dex and get revenge on the woman’s killers.
 This book is a novella, shorter than a novel, but longer than a short story. It’s a quick read on a late night. 

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