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Forgive Me: Sanctuary Lake, #2

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He hasn't forgotten her. He still wants her. If only she'll forgive him for breaking her heart...

Grady Randall isn’t happy about being back in Sanctuary Lake until he discovers his new neighbor is the one woman he’s never forgotten, Rachel Connors. Her sister calls her a crazy cat lady, but she’s never looked better to him… all dimples and sexy curves.

When the neighbor’s cat deposits a severed finger on Rachel’s doorstep, the last thing she expects is that it’ll bring Grady back into her life. He shattered her heart when they were teenagers, but now she finds herself turning to him when a menacing stranger shows up at her door one stormy night. Can their reunion and reignited attraction survive the night or will the murderer strike again?

Each Sanctuary Lake haunts their pasts and promises their futures. Each story can be read as a standalone. 


While he’d been in the other room, she’d turned on a light. She was huddled on her sofa with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. He should reassure her, but what could he say? Someone had just attacked her house. Any platitudes he could offer seemed inadequate.

He knelt before her and gently lifted one of her feet into his hands. A sheen of fine glass covered the sole of her foot and glinted in the light. He brushed the wet paper towel over it, wiping away the crystals. Then he did the same with her other one. A small cut marred this one. He patted it with a clean towel before leaning closer to examine it, but there was no sign of the glass and the bleeding had already stopped.

He opened his mouth to tell her about the cut. He looked up and his gaze locked on hers. Whatever he’d planned to say died on his lips.

A pale pink flush washed over her cheeks and her chest rose and fell quickly. It was the first time he’d noticed how her wet shirt molded to her body. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. There was just that thin layer of damp cotton shielding her flesh from his view, from his touch. Her nipples formed rigid little bumps, tempting him closer. Breasts weren’t usually his thing, but with Rachel, every part of her excited him until he was so hard he couldn’t think.

His hand tightened on the foot he was still holding. His fingers slid over her ankle, tracing the delicate bone. Her mouth opened slightly and his gaze dropped to it. Lingered there. Slipping and sliding along the soft pink contours of her lips. Then he lifted his eyes to trace the curves of her face, noting the spot where her dimple was, before returning to her beautiful blue eyes again.

How had he ever found the strength to turn away from her?

He leaned forward between her thighs. His gaze never left hers. He slid his hands along the outside of her legs over her flannel pajama pants, which were still damp from the rain. The gentle curves of her body felt so good beneath his touch. When he reached the swell of her hips, he paused and stared into her eyes. His face was close to hers now.

“I’ve missed you, Rachel Connors,” he whispered.

Then he lowered his mouth to hers.

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