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Don Hewson Gains Confidence

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In this second novel in the feel-good “Don Hewson” series "Don Hewson Gains Confidence", we have all the joys of a household of children.
The children develop skills and talents and confidence.
Max Hewson's biological father discovers Max.
Andrea Wilkins has her baby. We learn more about the internal dynamics of the Daar family. Some sherry goes missing.
Dennis Wilkins is propositioned by an adult lady. Don is landed with four cherubs. Abdullah Daar sparks into action.
Don is asked if Max can give bone marrow to his younger half brother to save the child's life. Max learns of and meets his biological family.
Angela Wilkins leaves prison. When the Wilkins move out they are replaced by six Mormon children, so we now have Muslims and Mormons and agnostics all living under the same roof. Later we have Jewish children. Don's shotgun comes out.
The sherry mystery is resolved.
David Wilkins' career as a child TV chef begins.
Strangely, social workers still get cross with Don Hewson!

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