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Musings of the Realist

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You’re either going to love or hate this book by The Realist. This book says all of the things that people have in the back of their minds that they want to say but don’t. Musings of the realist is a short read that says things the way they really are with no sugar coated fluff.

A lot is covered in this book and after reading it you will be either wondering WTF just hit you or will saying to yourself “man I wished I had the balls to say that”. This book is not some crazy rant of a madman megalomaniac it is more like a stiff smack in the face to start waking people up and getting them thinking. You may or may not agree with things in this book, only you can decide that.

Society is becoming more polluted and deranged every single day and until people start waking up and really taking notice to what is going on around them instead of acting like dumbed down phonetards who cannot function unless they have their face in a digital device or a computer the world will be a better place I assure you of that.

Until people start to really see what is going on with the government and how it has evolved into a winner take all mentality nothing is going to change. Only the people can change it by using their vote and not putting self-absorbed money mongers who have only their own interests at hand into seats of power.

You ever see one of those old movies and the guy back hand slaps the other guy in the face and goes “get ahold of yourself man” that’s what this book is meant to do, because there is some crazy stuff going on today and if you don’t take notice of it soon it will be too late and then what will you do?

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