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The Atheist and the Parrotfish

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The Atheist and the Parrotfish

Length: 440 pages6 hours


A transplant patient possesses eerie knowledge of his organ donor's most intimate secret. This could change everything.

WINNER:  Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Best Literary Fiction RECOGNIZED:  IndieReader's Best Reviewed Books of 2017 – Literary Fiction SILVER MEDAL:  Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) – Best Cover - Fiction FINALIST:  National Indie Excellence Awards – Contemporary Novel, General Fiction FINALIST:  Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Religious Fiction

Nephrologist Cullen Brodie's disbelief in the afterlife is tested when a cross-dressing transplant patient exhibits behaviors and traits of his female organ donor—details about whom the patient inexplicably knows. The patient's eerie knowledge of his donor's greatest secret forces Cullen to consider the unimaginable: transmigration of a human soul.

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW:"As events spiral beyond [the characters'] control, readers are introduced to a questioning process that challenges them to consider the disparate paths of personal change and the possibilities of medical and religious realms intersecting in unusual ways. All these facets, especially the winding commentary on transgender identity and evidence of a soul, could easily have become confusing, especially when given an added shot of intrigue and the elements of a medical mystery; but under Barager's pen the logic of events and the evolution of personalities and new beliefs are impeccably drawn, and fascinating."

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a fascinating glimpse into a world where medicine and religion/philosophy intersect, in a literary novel sure to fascinate, and quite possibly to entice you to examine your own beliefs. [DRM-Free]

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