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Bushcraft Survival Skills for Beginners
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situations.  In this book I want to introduce you to bushcrat and the fundimentals of what it entails. 

If you have never used bushcraft techniques or tools before then this book is for you.  If you have been doing buscraft before then you may want to find a more advanced book.  As you go through this book I will give you an understanding of the world of bushcraft.  I will tell you the five fundamental parts of bushcraft and what you will gain from its exploration.  From there I will introduce you to the buscraft survival kit which will give you all the tools and equipment you will need when entering into this world.

When it comes to bushcraft it is not something to enter into lightly.  The skills you learn will be something that you will take with you the rest of your life.  So if you are looking to explore this world and get a foundation in which to build on.

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Bushcraft Survival Skills for Beginners - Norman Steele

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As I write this, we are now fifteen years into the twenty-first century. The world is a different place than we once know. When our parents and our parents were growing up, they had very little and almost every day was a challenge to survive.

Back fifty, sixty and even seventy years ago here was no such thin as the Internet, cell phones, food delivery services as well as services as welfare, food stamps and other forms of government assistance. In fact, if you were not strong enough to survive on your own you were led out to pasture and allowed to die.

With these modern conveniences, many of us have forgotten how to perform certain tasks. There are even a few people I personally know who would curl up in a ball and die if hey got lost in the mall. This is why I decided to write this book. I personally feel that we need some basic skills in our lives. Now I don’t expect you to be the next MacGyver or Captain Kirk and have the skills and knowledge to get yourselves out of any situation that you find yourself. In but I do expect you to be able to go outside and come home safely.

In this book, I will explore the topic of bushcraft. In this book, we will talk about basic survival tools and techniques that you can use to survive in the wilderness. I believe that once you have an understanding of these skills you will be able to apply them to your