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The Paradox of Holiness; Faith in Search of Obedience

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For more than forty years, beloved American evangelical theologian Donald Bloesch published scholarly yet accessible works on Protestant beliefs and practices, while remaining in the mainstream of modern Protestant theological thought. Within these pages are his last two previously unpublished works. The Paradox of Holiness is how to live the spiritual life, and Faith in Search of Obedience is how Bloesch himself sought to live that life.

The Paradox of Holiness is a book of devotion as well as theology. It is a venture into the theology of the spiritual life (theologia vitae spiritualis), which flows out of a theology of the Word of God. We need to rediscover the paradox that only those who believe can become holy, but only those who make progress in holiness can believe in the giver and author of holiness—Jesus Christ.

Faith in Search of Obedience is Donald Bloesch’s spiritual autobiography—a theology based on a “faith in search of obedience.” Although we are converted when we are awakened to faith, this conversion must continue as we labor to realize the demands of faith in daily life. As Christians, we are called not only to articulate the faith but also to remain true to it on our earthly sojourn. The Christian life might be depicted as a pilgrimage of faith toward its transcendent goal—the perfection of love through the Spirit.

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