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Under the Blackberry Vines

Under the Blackberry Vines

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Under the Blackberry Vines

35 pages
29 minutes
Jan 28, 2017


Addison studied the blackberry vines. It wasn't right that no one had celebrated Caelan and Shanaz's getting together. Not right at all.

Xe'd make them a pie, wish them well. And maybe in the process of it all xe could figure out what to do about Russ and Lenora.

At least while xe was picking no one would bother xim.

Might be time enough to figure something out.

Jan 28, 2017

About the author

Meyari McFarland has been telling stories since she was a small child. Her stories range from SF and Fantasy adventures to Romances but they always feature strong characters who do what they think is right no matter what gets in their way. Her series range from Space Opera Romance in the Drath series to Epic Fantasy in the Mages of Tindiere world. Other series include Matriarchies of Muirin, the Clockwork Rift Steampunk mysteries, and the Tales of Unification urban fantasy stories, plus many more. You can find all of her work on MDR Publishing's website at

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Under the Blackberry Vines - Meyari McFarland

Under the Blackberry Vines

By Meyari McFarland

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This story is dedicated to Te for helping me to realize just how much I had yet to learn about myself with her fiction. And how much variety there really is in people's hearts and souls.

Table of Contents

Under the Blackberry Vines

Excerpt: A Simple Life


Under the Blackberry Vines

Addison hummed as xe crouched down under the blackberry vines. They were heavy with berries, drooping so low that a lot of the vines had already put down roots at their tips. Pretty soon they would have to trim everything back, much as Addison hated doing it. Made for terrible harvests the following year but being able to walk down the paths was important. More important to most everyone.

The blackberries filled the air with sugar-sweet richness. Xir nose twitched with it. Well, that and the sap that coated the vines' thorns. Sticky sweet mixed with acid burns, that was blackberry season. At least the blackberry roots did a lovely job stabilizing the soil. Nothing shifted where you had blackberry.

Of course, nothing could walk there either so that wasn't saying much.

The station shuddered as something impacted. Or maybe something exploded at the other end. Addison couldn't tell. Xe waited, counting the seconds until a

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