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Choosing Your Path of Life

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This book is about helping everyone find the path to a better Quality of Life. This book is not to be read. It is to be consumed, digested, and reflected upon in an attentive and thoughtful manner. We, at TeenSoulPower, want to help you to identify what makes a happy and healthy life. More importantly, we want to help you to make a fulfilling life. Most of us think we know how to do this, but the truth is that if you do not know how, then, your life is in free-float. It is moving ahead - but may not be making any progress. In fact, your life may even be headed in the wrong direction! If you do not know the basic elements of a fulfilling life and strive for the specific dynamics that make your life healthy and happy, your life can be "free floating", aimless, drifting, with neither rhyme nor reason, with neither purpose nor goals, set adrift and vulnerable to the whims of fate.
Many will tell you that you learn from the errors of your ways, and many will even tell you that the best way to learn is from "trial and error." Certainly, experience is one of the greatest teachers but it also subjects us to the negative consequences of failure as we learn and are subjected to repeating the same mistakes over-and-over again.
What we really need is a "Guide to Life." Ultimately, everyone chooses a path to and through life that either leads to success or perhaps to failure. There are no absolutes, but in general this book presents the principles that have been recommended by research, by social scientists and by counselors that help one develop a positive life and lifestyle that leads to a higher quality of life.
Consider this book an Instruction Manual. If you are learning to drive a car you need a driver's manual. Pilots have an aviation manual. Engineers have engineering manuals. Lawyers have criminal and civil procedure manuals. Doctors have medical journals. Teachers have training manuals. There are manuals for plumbers, electricians and automobile mechanics. So, too, as with any procedure manual for technology, we should have a Life Path Instructional Manual to offer advice, support and guidance along the journey of life. This is how the most effective learning occurs, We read, we study, we hear advice from our teachers and our parents, and our friends and mentors. Then we think, plan and act. Then we evaluate our decisions and the effects of those decisions. We adjust our attitudes, emotions and behaviors - and try life again the next day.
In this regard, everyone has a choice. Do you want to leave your life to Fate, or would you rather choose your own Destiny? There is a significant difference, and that is in consciously choosing a directed life, one based upon proven positive attitudes, heartfelt values, sound decision making, and appropriate behavior, one that has purpose and direction. A high quality of life is available to everyone, but sometimes we need a little advice and support along the way.

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