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Immigrant Soldier: The Story of a Ritchie Boy (2nd Anniversary Edition)

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Immigrant Soldier, based on the experiences of a refugee from Nazi Germany, combines a coming-of-age story with an immigrant tale and a World War II adventure. On a November morning in 1938, Herman finally realizes that, as a Jew, he must flee Germany, a decision that catapults him from one adventure to another, his life changed forever. He experiences fear, romance, disappointment, friendship, horror and compassion as he evolves from a frustrated teenager, looking for a place to belong, into a confident US Army intelligence officer who struggles with hate and forgiveness.

Immigrant Soldier follows the true story of Herman so closely it could easily be classified as a "non-fiction novel." The hero, Herman Lang, escapes Nazi Germany in 1939 and emigrates to the US where he hopes to begin a new life. But the world is at war and his adopted country is drawn into the conflict. Drafted into the US Army Herman, is sent to a secret location in Maryland to train for army intelligence. When he arrives in France, soon after D-day, he is assigned to General Patton's headquarters. There he interrogates German prisoners and works directly under General Patton.

Immigrant Soldier reveals little-known information about the Ritchie Boys, World War II's secret heroes, the Intelligence soldiers trained at Camp Ritchie. This fascinating novel earned the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Award, Bronze medal, in the military/wartime fiction category.

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