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Bad Valentines 2

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Love is one of those four letter words that some people like to throw around – but sometimes love can be one of the meanest and nastiest games in town.

Here are six of the strangest love stories you have ever read.

Find love and memories in the bag of a mysterious eighteen wheeler in "Do-Overs and Detours - Somewhere North of Bigfoot".

Find out just how bitter love can truly taste in "Hard Soup".

Find out why the sea is so darned salty in "The Woman Who Lost Her Tooth While Laughing At The Sea".

Other stories include "Forget About Torture", "Voodoo Chicken Trucker Run-around", "St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Ale", "Moving Lines" and the mind-blowing weirdness that is "Olivia Newton John Love Doll".

"This genre needs new blood and Steve Vernon is quite a transfusion." –Edward Lee, author of FLESH GOTHIC and CITY INFERNAL

Those who have read Vernon's fiction previously know to expect the unexpected, and to grab onto something firm and weighty as they begin the first few words of one of his stories. – Fearzone

Steve Vernon is a hard writer to pin down. And that’s a good thing. – Dark Scribe Magazine

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