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The School of Scrubs

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Nixon Truitte is entering her first year of medical school, and where she goes her crazy, dysfunctional family follows.

The Truittes speak their mind. They are unfiltered, uncensored and uproariously funny.

You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but if you do just be prepared for all of her relatives. And lots of urban flavor.

The young black woman from the inner city of Philadelphia is finally living out her dream. She is tall, dark and talented, but is she prepared for the world of medicine?

Will Nixon be able to dissect a human cadaver? Can she do so without mangling the body? Is she smart enough to compete against some of the brightest students in the country? Or is she going to fail like so many other bright pupils of the past?

The School of Scrubs is about the journey of eight medical students from very different backgrounds who appear to have nothing in common yet, the one thing that they all share is their will to survive the first year of medicine.

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