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Beyond The Horizon

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1993, summer. Final exams are over and Vito has to decide what to do with the rest of his life. He chooses to join the Arma, the Armed Forces.

He ends up in Benevento, where he attends the Scuola Allievi Carabinieri Ausiliari, the School of Student Carabineers. Afterwards he is sent to a village he really doesn’t want to go to.

He is sent to the Stazione Carabinieri di Satriano di Lucania. He is unhappy and lonely about that, but there’s nothing he can do to change things. He faces Fate and leaves home, headed to that small village.

He experiences many unforgettable moments and he builds an extraordinary relationship with the Marshal. Their friendship is deep and true, and it grows more intense each day.

The Marshal, coming from that very same village, seems to be able to read Vito’s mind. He teaches him what bravery is and he helps him in reaching his dream.

He is a role model. “Promises are made not to be broken”, he says. On his graduation day, Vito will have to remember that.

Beyond the horizon, there’s something that can change your life.

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