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Sane Occultism

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- I. What Is Occultism?

- II. Is Occultism Worth While?

- III. The Deeper Issues Of Occultism.

- IV. Credulity In Occult Research

- V. Meditation And Psychism

- VI. The Use And Abuse Of Astrology

- VII. Records Of Past Lives

- VIII. Numerology And Prophecy

- IX. Group Karma In Occult Societies

- X. Authority And Obedience In Occultism

- XI. Secrecy In Occult Fraternities

- XII. The Left-Hand Path

- XIII. Occultism And Immorality

- XIV. Psychic Pathologies

- XV. Mental Trespassing

- XVI. Occultism And Vegetarianism

- XVII. Eastern Methods And Western Bodies

- XVIII. Standards Of Judgment

- XIX. The Ideals Of Occultism

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