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Joe Coffin Season One: Joe Coffin, #1

618 pages10 hours


Vampires on a murder spree. A hitman out for revenge. How hard can it be to kill the undead?

While Joe Coffin served his time in prison, someone spilled his family's blood. But when the massive hatchet man takes out the killer, something about his vengeance feels completely off. He never expected his suspicion would reveal corpses sporting the marks of a ruthless vampire.

As local children start to disappear, Coffin teams up with an ambitious reporter to get to the bottom of the deadly mystery. Out of his depth against a supernatural powerhouse, he's unsure any amount of killing could've prepared him for the fight. But he's willing to put it all on the line when he discovers his wife and son might not be as dead as he first thought...

Can Coffin stop the carnage before more bloodsuckers rise from the grave?

Joe Coffin, Season One is the first book in a brutal vampire thriller series set in the British underworld. If you like hardcore characters, page-turning suspense, and gory crime mysteries, then you'll love Ken Preston's supernatural horror story.

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